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She is ambitious, and he loves to tumble in bed with the tantalizing creatures. Bill of course always wanted a lovely abode with fine objects in the midst of it. And Kobi's desire was land. Judith wants to remain better than the others; and Dapna wants to be known for her martyrdom. David wants adventure whereby he can accumulate experiences in order to write them down. Georgie is accumulating, Abe is accumulating, Yankee is accumulating so that they can be barons in their old age. Barons with big pots and the means to fill these pots. Dan of course wants the basic creature comforts, but he still has a large interest in discovering the transcendental. And I? I want all. The inner and the outer. The king's castle, and the Devines' abode. To own the city, and taste of the kingdom.

Irwin R. Shaw - 1980