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Call her
Call her
Cries the personality
that loves such excitement
for then he can live
with all his energy
in the moment toward
and the moment in
Call her
Call her
says the personality
and muddle through
the forest of feelings
the wolf and little red riding hood
in the darkest part of the forest
fainting with excitement
Call her
Call her
return to the place of instinct
Call her
Call her
return to the place of myth
But then it ends in orgasm
and the magic ends
and the forest disappears
and I am left
in an old room
in an old house
shattered like
an old mirror
looking at a figment
of my imagination
at a flower not in bloom
at the retardation
of a life not in focus
waiting for the ax to fall
the one who goes to prison
for listening to
the personality
that demanded I call.

Irwin R. Shaw - July 28 1988