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My father wanders around lonely
My mother of all people divorced him
This he can no understand
for he loved her deeply
My father is alone
My mother scorched him
He burns inwardly
He stays loyal to his wound
He lives monastically
Sometimes he reaches out to me
wanting to hug
and be hugged in return
When I offer something more
he retreats
rides the subway train
to the empty house
of my childhood
sits on their
empty bed
waiting for
my mother
She left him for a man sure of himself
My father sits alone
After every dream
I tell him the truth
"It is not
that she divorced you
you died
she remarried"
I tell him this when fully awake
Even so
in the night
in the different
dimensions of time
in the realm
of the already dead
I think
How could
my mother
divorce my father?

Irwin R. Shaw - March 1988