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She managed beautifully
becoming the perfect
business agent
to her self
In each months take
her books were
kept up to date
Courteous, civil, totally fair
she collected her fee
and in well spoken tones
detached articulation
thanked her obligated
Her values were of the old-world
She stayed aloof
far away from her broken child
who was never allowed a hug
She kept her distance
from all upsetful sorrows
and kept her self
in secluded banks
One day she snapped
in her cold winter air
far away from bodily warmth
When returning
from her sick bed
she jiggled her pennies
and prestige in hidden jars
made daily calls to her lawyer
for cold advice
and reassured her doctors
it was a lack of Sodium
She would have completely
frozen to death
were it not
for her spiteful notions
that to share ones
wealth with humans
while alive
is evil
and it only can be given
to monuments
after she is dead.

Irwin R. Shaw - March 26th 1988