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He pulled out all of his 100 personalities
and sat them in an oval room and watched
them debate
all were sharp and reasonable
some reasoned like hawks others like doves
all were shaded of himself
all in themselves
the colors that closely fit.
A quarter of them reasoned
with possibilities
and another fourth
with values
another fourth
with facts
and the last fourth
found frameworks
of meaning
derived from
their perceptions
They fought like determined circus clowns
and asked him to choose the way
but he could not
so he left them in the room juggling straggling
and drove to the country
and walked up a mountain
and sat down beside
a mountain lake
and soaked in
nature's serenity
At last ah he chose!
he stretched and was satisfied with himself
only to discover a second later
that his 101 personality
came out
and looked at him
with a smirk.

Irwin R. Shaw - June 19th 1987