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If there is a God
he can not be reached
by any telephone company
all the public telephones
to its infinity
and still God's residence
won't be reached.
From inner to outer
no connection can be made
to God in heaven or God in hade.
but if there be a God
his wiring is made from inside:
Close the eyes a dial
not with fingers
in a circle on a spring
or pushing buttons to ring
but with an active imagination
that sends electrons
deep with in
mixing it with solitude
and human suffering
and then if he answers
don't be scared
for God is there.
Of course he can not
come out of your brain
he is stuck in there
and when you die
he will be in someone else's
but while alive
if there be a God
don't try dialing him
from afar.

Irwin R. Shaw - April 13th 1987