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The swinger from 45th street
came swinging up
dressed to kill
perfume in one hand
white gloves in the other.
His blue Merced by the curb
And when the pretty woman
wailed by
he tipped his hat
and said outloud:
"look at me and my dress
and my care and my vest
for in my vest is my bankbook
with significant numbers
upon which to look"
The pretty woman kind and sweet
just the perfect kind of treat
said: "I'm passing by to the
hospital before I die. And there
with radiation high and dry I
receive my daily dosages so
of cancer not to die. But I'd be
happy to meet you on the way back
for some tea and a cracker."
The nigger swinger in all sweet tones
wanted not only gold above but gold below
said: "no no no I didn't mean to flirt
just a habit when I see some skirt."
He shook her hand and wished her well
he who had been dressed to kill
and then when she was out of sight
poured perfume upon the palms of his hands
taking away any stains of cancer that one can.

Irwin R. Shaw - Aril 25th 1987