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I couldn't get out of the amusement park
I, like all the rest of the elders
were stuck inside the whole gobbly goo of
shining toys
a shifting maze of wonders
I screamed:
get me out of this goddamn
Floridian kindergarten nightmare
yet we were only answered
by more technological fireworks
a whole array of roller coaster riders
They built us big restaurants
Buddha like golf courses
finer world fairs
spectacular movies
incredible sliders
leading into fountained pools
with big brass bands
to hold it altogether
I ran to run into the infinite
away from the Luna parks
Oh God I cried is this the
a carnival of tricks created
by man the magician?
The more I ran
the more walls
of the greater entertainment
arose before me
God let me out I cried
I can't stand it anymore
But I was only answered
by the Olympics of st enqthn
bodies running faster and quicker than me
in the stadium of onlookers
Just when I thought I saw the door
this exit
from this Mardi Gras
this unholy Halloween
church bells rang
announcing festival
I ran with all my might
an banged into a Jesus
of cardboard
I ran down
And turned nowhere
For there was nowhere to turn.

Irwin R. Shaw - August 23rd 1987