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She came downstairs in short pants, tight fitting blouse, strutting toward the car, smoking her cigarette, defiantly inhaling the smoke into the bottom parts f her lungs as if this and the flick of her ashes was what she thought about G-d. The world could smell her ass that's what she felt about the world. She was getting out of it all and those that were staying behind well, they could all suck their pacifiers for all she cared. Goodbye to all this shit, she was going to where humanity was, she'll have a taste of civilization before she dies. You can all suck my ass she loudly shouted inside herself as she loaded the car for the picnic. She glanced quickly up at the apartment windows that faced the parking lot and didn't care who was looking out and who was not. She played the role of a good girl long enough, she'd wiggle her ass where she'd wiggle her ass and they all could be damned. Her politeness and goodness was in the past. She and her husband were now gods out to conquer the world. So long suckers, this baby is out to make it. She drove away pissing a little bit in her pants showing her deep contempt for them. Her husband just smirked just sat there smirking; he had managed this escape and was taking deep silent credit for it. He smoked his cigarette deliciously and strolled his tongue around this mouth quite content with himself. From the picnic, they would go to the boat and from the boat; they would arrive in Canada and take the train to Toronto. They would settle there and be rid of their painful past. Fuck you, fuck you, my little country she hummed to herself, and lit up another cigarette to further in hale her hate for G-d. Her husband was pleased with himself, so pleased with himself, so cracker-jack pleased with himself.
They boarded the boat and stood by the rail, waving goodbye, two Caesars leaving their homeland, their place of birth, ready to conquer the world. Goodbye, you dumb bitches she shouted to herself, goodbye you fat farts she further expressed to herself. And all the way her eyes were smiling, her lips simulating a wistful sadness. The ship moved off, they has escaped, fled pharaohs' folly.

Irwin R. Shaw - 1980