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I went to the very top
to the best
who charged the most
where to merely spell out
the disturbance
I did this
and she did that
could certainly not
be part of
such high caliber advice
not at such a high price
Our riddle was cosmic
related to our souls
hallowing God Himself
I didn't want to sit in silence
for this was a taxi
that (no matter what)
would let me off
after fifty minutes
and charge me
just as much
whether I made
the trip or not, Finally
I wanted to just stutter out
even a fragment of it all
of what was between me and my wife
but remained mute
until the very end
He understood my plight
and presented me with a little figure
in the shape of the
with black spear in hand
and grinning
A token to feel I didn't leave empty handed
while showing me
He knew my torment

Irwin R. Shaw - June 4th 1986