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It is gonna be alright honey child
your lottery number is gonna come thru today my honey child
and all your depression is gonna lift
and you're gonna have no more money problems again
no more are you gonna be poor my honey child
and when you walk down the street
people are gonna take notice of ya
they're gonna say there goes mister so and so
he is rich today
he is no poor nigger slob lyin in the gutter
no sir his lottery number came in today
and he is somebody
and then honey child
you are gonna buy yourself
a car
and a coat
and a little home
and you are gonna spruce yourself up at the barber
and wear a nice smile
and then go to the church
and thank to goodlord for
what he's doen for you
and then you are going to remember
what your mama did for ya
so honey child
pick yourself up from the gutter
and waffle your way down to the lottery place
and see if your lottery number came in today
I feel it will honey child
I feel it will
So I am gonna go to my purse right now
and bring out the ticket I bought for you
the winning ticket
my honey child
the winning ticket.

Irwin R. Shaw - May 8th 1985