Back Next David's Soul

David had his brains stepped on
Crushed like they crush grapes
to make wine
Really it didn't hurt-
the brain didn't feel a thing
but his soul jumped like a jelly bean
it jumped right out of the jar
and hollered for all to hear
"I am a yellow jelly bean
sugary sweet
and sticky
if you touch me
with a wet finger"
the jelly bean
kept away from
sand and water
Yet knowing the body
for what it was worth
jumped back in and said
"hey body how about
another big birth?"
so again
the body walked him
to the man
who steps on brains
squeezing out all the beliefs
and synthetic juices
and out popped
the jelly bean again
a little sugary sweet
and uncomplicated
of pure feeling

Irwin R. Shaw - November 17th 1983