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I called my seminar Pagan Therapy
Knowing that unless we enter
into the small child's pure
smell of urine
we would die still feeling
cheated that we never plunged
deep enough
afterall one doesn't jump
from veneer to god
without having first
gone through the muck
but the muck
must be pure
no garlic to it
slippery oil
Showers or soap
will not help the process either
Perhaps I shall set the
example and open up my loins
when I see they are getting
ready to open up by themselves
still for me to go under
and still be on top
playing the drums
is difficult
Can you go through the pagan
rhythm with me
and leave forgetting my face
or shall I get stuck with you
and remain in the forest?
such questions put me in despair
so that I've called the newspaper
to tell them to cancel the weekend.
and my subscription
for I do not like to hear what others
are doing either.

Irwin R. Shaw - December 25th 1983