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See these windows
We are all windows
Looking out of the same window
But there are no windows
We are at a party
Looking out at the same party
And except for the woman
Whose long wet hair
She constantly throws back over her shoulders
And giggles with self-abandoned energy
I would have said that it was only
Looking through the same window
But how could she see the world
Like I see the world
When she is shimmering and shaking
Like a vital little animal
Although I thought
I didn't have to be here
For we all see through the same window
G-d looking through the same window
But from different positions
I see that's nonsense
Because of his shimmering and shaking
I look out to reach for something
Something I can put into my hands and hold
I find that the only thing I can hold
Is an eraser
In order to erase stick figured
On a blackboard
Maxine comes looking sad
David says its not a matter of pleasure
Ella says let him
Go where he wishes.
I get up feeling
That parties are not for me.

Irwin R. Shaw - May 1st 1982