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We are always and everywhere dependent
Some are dependent on a collective:
Grades, Universities, good words:
e.g. I am somebody
Are you somebody too…
The prestige dependency

Some are dependent
On inner voices
inner dreams
inner callings
Along with the typewriter
They are nourished.
The creative dependency.

Some are dependent on dialogue
That which occurred between us
And is still occurring.
(So besides the ego's point of view
and the unc. point of view
There is your point of view.)
The intellectual dependency
All points of view bring width and depth.

But besides these dependencies
There is the play
That child-like play between two or three or four
Not heavy like Beethoven's 5th
Or sentimental like Stardust
But more like Bach's Concertos
Which gives humor
To the thousand devils inside.

Irwin R. Shaw - January 7th 1982