Back Next The Fagela hears Whisperings of Ronald Regan

The Fagela
Rubbed himself
And rubbed and rubbed
And not a tincture of Sperm
The Fagela felt
Quite impotent
He continued
Months on end
Till finally
One early morning
Bathroom day
There emerged
From his now
Much reddened
Batman and Robin
And then Captain Marvel
And The Human Torch,
Mutt and Jeff,
Wonder woman,
All if the Fageler's
Childhood heroes -
There they all were
In miniature size
Beside his flushed red
That was all worn out
From so much creation.
From that moment on
The Fagela felt good
Very good
Because he was back
In his fairyland world
Of goodness and wonder
Where he will be protected
From badness, stinkyness
And suffering
And live out his life
In and old age home
With birdchirps
Of real honestogoodness
Hearing whisperings
Of sweet Jesus
And Ronal Regan
With all his Jokebook
God Bless America
The Fagela did not mind
At all that his Cock
Flopped flip flopped down
In a silent
But redeemed happiness
He had woods to look out upon
And a white Hammock to swing
Hopefully on

Irwin R. Shaw - 1981