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I want to play
with your psyche
in front of this group
They will watch
Me the magician
trick your soul
into showing itself
hocus pocus abra Kadabra
and now we see your sexuality
and under it
is your woman soul when
hiding it with your aggression
you appeared a man
let the man be the hawk
and the woman
be the dove
whose next
I the healer ask whose next
A wise guy appears
and says
the Healer is inside me
press my bleeding
and you shall see
that a power
in me
will form its own clot
I dismiss
this wise-guy
I want to play with your psyche
I want to play
it is I the healer
who stops
and starts
the bleeding
A woman comes to me
life down
in my bed say I
the group looks on
In wonder
I penetrate
for my psyche says
out tongues feel
we have forgotten
who looks on
are we not
in our own hideaway
overlooking the woods
are you not cured
of your
whose next?
the audience sits
no one appears
the woman
I penetrated stares at me
she sits
and stares
her eyes warm and loving
her mouth shows
a trace
of a smile
she would marry me
Me the magician
Hocus pocushypnosis
a wedding place appears
it shall be a psycho-dramatic marriage
I acclaim
a rabbi appears
and we take our vows
she still has
that silly smile
upon her face
a funny little game she says
a funny
funny little game
when will we really marry
she asks right
in the middle of our psychodramatic
I shout
she looks at me with more loving eyes
I smack
my sleeping beauty you cunt
wake up
I cry
Marriage real marriage
cries the audience
I am not putting this dumb woman on my back
let her croak
I cry
let her croak
She shrivels up
this dumb snake
and winds away
I want to play with your psyche
I want to play
I want to play in front of this group

Irwin R. Shaw - April 11th - 20th ????