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The Tip Of The Iceberg
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*This is a collection of the poems Irwin Shaw wrote during his lifetime.

*Click on the Arrows to navigate back and forth
The poems are not listed chronologically.

*Click on the poem area itself to go to a random poem

*Please use the stars next to the title to rate the poems and give us an idea of which poems get a reaction from people.

*If you find any errors, or typos, send the poem number to darien0@gmail.com
Remember these poems were entered from his writing, so some of the typos are kept on purpose.

*Send this website to those you know to help us get a broader idea of what people think of the poems, and hopefully we will be able to assemble a poetry book.

*These poems are the tip of the iceberg, just the ones that were filtered out as better than the rest. The writing you see here was sifted out of more than ten thousand pages of poetry, short stories, and plays, and very little of it ever reaches the computer.

Irwin R. Shaw - 1932 - 1995